Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

Dyle Bespoke Dining Table Certificate
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

When we look for luxurious furniture we very often categorize them as products of well-established and influential brands which are known across the world in most cases. But what is that what we are really looking for? If the brand matters most to us, then we are on the good track. But if we are looking for something more, maybe a design, uniqueness, bespoke, possibly a handmade…

We think that in such case sometimes it is worth to dig a little deeper, search, experiment – as a result, we may find something really interesting.

We just came across a company called Dyle Furniture – luxurious tables producer and designer. Its design is quite original, minimalistic – not the one you can find when you type in “luxury table” on google.

However, it is not only the design, but the whole production process, attention to detail, individual approach, brand story and fully handmade furniture is what got our attention. Let us show you a little bit more about that brand and its products.

Dyle Bespoke Dining Table
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

1. Brand story

Story of the whole brand is quite interesting. Dyle has 3 co-founders – Daniel, Jarek (twin brothers) and Michal. That is how they describe the whole idea which led to Dyle brand establishment.

Couple of years ago our parents were about to move to the new house and the old one was about to be dismantled. Beautiful 130-year-old cottage, which faced both world wars (we were raised in Eastern part of Poland) – the place of our childhood, so many remarkable memories…

Our grandfather was a carpenter so we have a natural love to wood. We knew we have to do something in order to preserve those fine oak timbers from the ceiling of that house, save a little history, give them a new life. We knew it had to be something really special. Luckily for us we had a friend – talented designer Michal. When we pitched the concept to him he immediately came out with an idea and design. After that we invented the Dyle name. That’s the story behind our first table and a brand. And why it was the table? Because for centuries it`s the place where people spent time with their families and friends, it`s a heart of each home, one of the most important matters.”

Dyle is a polish term describing a solid, strong piece of timber used as building blocks for time-honoured ceilings, walls and bridges. Dyle company is named after the material first piece was made from.

2. Handmade

Dyle Bespoke Dining Table Handmade
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

Each table is 100% handmade. Thanks to that, each dining table is special and unique. That is because handmade craft provides an identity to each piece – truly and unrepeatable – once made – it’s the only such a piece in the world.

Each dining table made by Dyle resonates with tremendous attention to details – wood carving and elements fitting is pushed to the extreme. To achieve that level of quality Dyle only works with best carpenters out there. Years of experience is a must. Dyle claims that they only work with people who love wood the same as they do.

Dyle Bespoke Dining Table Italian Steel
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

But it`s not only the wood which requires craftsmanship – same goes with metal. Metal finished of Dyle`s tables are characterized by very deep reflections – looking at the metal almost feels like if it had some hidden dimension inside.

Dyle achieves this by using special “Italian mirror steel“ – very high-quality stainless steel made in Italy. But the metal is half of the story – such reflection can only be achieved by hours of hard work of manual polishing and grinding.

This type of work requires huge devotion and meticulousness – according to Dyle it is very much like jewellery polishing except it is done at a larger scale.

3. Design

The luxury furniture market is dominated by glamour, shiny design, very often described as baroque influenced. Dyle tables seem to be presenting a totally different approach – minimalistic, simple forms, often with sharp angles.

The design is very elegant, pure, not dimmed by noisy forms and superfluous elements. It highlights very interesting connection – warm, emotions resonating from wood combined with cold, lustrous steel with almost unbounded reflections. They say their values are quality and simple beauty – the design seems to fully reflect that.

Dyle Bespoke Dining Table Essence
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

4. Certification and Marking

If you buy a very expensive watch – you want to be sure it`s authentic. Dyle furniture uses same approach for their luxury tables which is very uncommon in furniture industry. Each piece made by them has the certificate of authenticity attached to it.

Dyle Bespoke Dining Table Certificate
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

Not only it contains information such as product line, product model name etc., but also is dry stamped and hand signed by Dyle`s cofounders – which is quite unparalleled touch. It almost speaks for itself – it is not just another, one of the many tables we are dealing with.

There is also one more touch. A certificate contains a unique number of the piece. Subsequently, the same number is hand stamped on a metal place and this plate is then attached to the furniture.

Dyle Bespoke Dining Table Old Oak Model
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

5. Craftsmanship

The luxury table does not have to be handcrafted. But once it is – it becomes truly unique, with human hand identity and unrepeatability. Handmade furniture always contains those little signs of passion and rareness. As we are discussing Dyle furniture in this article – let’s take a closer look at one of their essence 003 models with a black metal finish.

Dyle Bespoke Dining Table Essence Model 3
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

Besides extraordinary attention to detail, there is one thing which truly highlights what we have just described – the logo is made from silver.

Dyle Bespoke Dining Table Logo
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture


Dyle Bespoke Coffee Table
Luxury Handmade Tables by Dyle Furniture

There is a lot of fine brands out there on the market offering different kinds of tables. Among others, Dyle furniture seem to be somehow different. The brand presents a slightly different perspective on how the dining table can be made and how can those be made special.

Dyle`s passion for wood, attention to detail and those special touches make their furniture hard not to look at.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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