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Noeud Bed by Pierre Cardin

The sleek and low profile look that characterizes the minimalist style is ideal for a bedroom collection. A bedroom should be a place that fosters relaxation and calm, easing away the stress of the day to leave you feeling refreshed and thinking clearly. 

The simple lines, pure forms, and uninterrupted shapes of the minimalist style perfectly embody the peace and clarity that should be present in a bedroom. Thus, the Studio Pierre Cardin offers a bedroom set without extra adornment or clutter that creates simplicity and peace of mind in the minimalist Noeud bed and matching furniture collection.

Noeud Bed by Pierre Cardin

The ultra-low platform bed features the anchoring cross-shaped motif that runs throughout the collection. Designed to look like a node, from which it derives its name, the Noeud bed by Pierre Cardin has two continuous lines that form the low headboard, run along the sides to create the bed rails, and cross again to form the footboard. 

Two nightstands are fully incorporated into the headboard on each side of the bed so that the entire bed is one flowing, self-contained piece that minimizes clutter.

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night bed by Pierre Cardin

The node motif is repeated across the front of the matching dresser. The sleek design calls for an equally smooth material, so the entire bedframe, nightstands, and dresser are all finished with a high-gloss lacquer (available in in multiple colors and stains) to highlight the crisp outlines. 

You deserve a space that calms and refreshes you with its clean and simple design; why not make the minimalist Noeud furniture the center of your bedroom?

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