The Spectacular Plank Sofa by dk3

Plank Sofa by dk3

The Plank Sofa is the first sofa designed by young Danish furniture company dk3. In creating this distinctive sofa, Norwegian designers Myhr, Knudsen, Berg, and Hindenes were inspired by the gigantic floorboards that Dinesen, a leading floor plank manufacturer, produces.

They wanted to show their admiration for the famous planks by creating a new and unique furniture piece that would resonate with the minimalists at heart.

dk3 plank sofa
Stunning Plank Sofa

Plank is made up of a sofa skillfully placed on a plank that still holds the true attributes of the original wood. The rich, thick plank is made from Douglas, a wood species that espouses a natural elegance that is unmatchable to other wood species.

This choice of wood features distinctive grain, an authentic reflection of its natural beauty. Douglas is much harder than other firs and features fewer knots, giving the Plank Sofa by dk3 a modishly polished look.

Aesthetics, functionality, and quality are the defining characteristics of this sofa. Plank is designed to compliment both domestic and business interiors. While its style is remarkably Scandinavian, it possesses an outstanding international sophistication. 

Its cushions are designed with a choice of two upholsteries: nude colored leather or wool fabric. Its legs are designed as completely wooden or as wooden with steel or brass embellishments at the base. The Plank Sofa is undeniably stunning and offers a surprisingly comfortable seating solution. It is all you need for cozy comfort indoors.

Which upholstery choice of the Plank Sofa appeals to you most? Wool fabric or leather?

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